Workout integration
for personal trainers and instructors

In collaboration with IUPLA

I can’t help you find balance, but I can help you practice balancing. 

What’s the difference between focussing and being attentive? Focus actually reduces your attention to a very limited range of what is actually happening. So, if for example your are focusing on your spinal erectors, you don’t want to lose the awareness of your periphery. What are your arms doing? Are you still aware of your limbs of your fingertips and your toes, your ankles, your neck? Are you able to decrease the muscular tonus in the areas of your body that are not necessary to hold the posture while stabilizing the joints that you do need in that supportive situation? Can you differentiate between what needs to be stabilized and what can relax? Being able to decrease muscular tonus around a joint means keeping the joints available and adaptable to sudden changes. This is the most difficult task to accomplish.

Why is IUPLA Balancism so efficient? 

Because it is an opportunity to learn and improve your motor intelligence in real time. What does real time mean? It means that the urgency to apply the principles is very high when you practice balancism, because you don’t have many choices, either you keep balancing or you don’t. You enter a real time learning process. There is an immediate understanding of the interaction of physical forces like gravity with the physical and biomechanical properties of your body. You receive feedback in real time, if your motor patterns work or not. If the strategies you apply to keep balancing work or not? But above all, you keep improving in real time, because on the wheel the body has to.

IUPLA teaches you attention. IUPLA teaches you HOW to learn and not primarily WHAT to learn. When I teach a class I convey principles and strategies, but not solutions, because I can’t. In IUPLA Balancism you cannot predict the imbalances that will occur, that you yourself will provoque. But I can help you prepare your body to be ready to apply the right strategies, with the right timing. I can help you develop attention. I will offer contexts in which your body can learn. 

Balancism is about continuously establishing balance

and being ready to lose it again.