Human Movement Alphabet

Moving, knowing, noticing.

ONLINE Series II (2020)

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These Online classes are mainly held in English with some moments of Italian translation.

A tool for movement creation, documentation and analysis.

We will start this series by looking into directions and vectors, curves, spirals, ranges of movement and complex combined pathways. Graphic representation, three-dimensional models and appropriate language, will facilitate the cultivation of a mind map furthering spacial orientation, which from my experience seems to be one fundamental basis for refining precision and working towards mastery. In the second part of this series, I will introduce the symbol set for describing fascial and myo-fascial activity. How to identify and notate causal interdependencies of the physical manifestations of movement.

The online classes intend to complement physical training. Physical application of the material will be present, but not our priority. I will facilitate the use of the symbols of the Human Movement Alphabet, as well as their comprehension which implies theoretical anatomical and bio-mechanical information.

For me the HMA represents the quintessence of the Axis Syllabus archive and Frey Faust’s continuous effort to make it accessible. As an active member of the ASRIN I have been studying, applying and contributing to its further development, since 2018.