Human Movement Alphabet

in application.

ONLINE Series I (2020)

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These Online classes are mainly held in English with some moments of Italian translation.

The Human Movement Alphabet was conceived by Frey Faust (The Axis Syllabus). It is a universal writing system for describing, documenting, evaluating and composing human movement patterns and possibilities. It allows the user to focus on specifics such as directionality, support systems, anatomical movements, muscular activity, mechanical forces, timing, and so on. As a process oriented self-educational tool, it can facilitate the enhancement of movement skills, awareness, precision and creativity. If used strategically, it favors the practice of imagery and serves as a complement to learning through imitation. Scientific, anatomical and bio-mechanical information from the Axis Syllabus archive is symbolized and sublimated by the Human Movement Alphabet.

We will attentively watch, visualize, analyze, identify, name and document movement patterns using appropriate terminology and coding symbols. Since 2018 I have been studying, reviewing, applying and contributing to the further development of the HMA.

Bring paper, pencils, colors, your body and your inquisitive spirit.