birthing – building – coaching

Your work should simply be the exhalation of who you are, whatever that is.

After giving birth to many movement, art and teaching projects,
my own and others’, in the past 15 years,
I am glad to help, guide, assist you in giving light to yours.

Write to me
and let’s find out what your project needs,
creatively, practically:

A selection of projects I have built, co-created or facilitated:

SKRATCH+ATCH (performance and visual arts collective)
IUPLA Balance Training (product design and training method and motor learning for kids)
upRisingUp (Dance Festival and Collective)
the Axis Syllabus Periodical (co-editor/curator)
the Axis Syllabus Notation System (co-author 3rd edition)
Online program the Axis Syllabus Notation System
Load Line Chapter 1-2-3 (performance work in progress)
Out of Exhaustion (a performative learning process)
A leap of immagination (performance work and educational movement lab for kids)
die Synapse (studio and training program for dance, movement, Axis Syllabus)
Fra Fra Decorazioni (interior-exterior design)
Objet Sovaje (playful adptable jewellery and home design)