Different bodies, different strategies.

Research, discussions, workshops, teachers labs, performance work

A new project hosted by the ASRM
initiated by Manuela Martella and Irina Hortin

Different bodies, different strategies is an explicitly comparative investigation of practical implications and adaptations of movement principles to the specific parameters of different body types.

Obviously, morphology is unique from person to person. Features, dimension, mass, proportion, density, tone, metabolism, habit. Some variations are visible, some are discreet. Although we are all subject to the same gravitational forces, mechanical and bio-mechanical principles, the variables might drastically change the outcome of a similar or identical action, irrespective of the context. The uniqueness of individual morphology is implicit to the way the ASIRN discusses, analyzes and and counsels strategies for improving movement abilities or recovering from or avoiding injury. However, often it is not until we share our strategies and sensations or move with others, that we become aware of the needed adaptations to our personal differences. And it is not until we are able to adapt universal movement principles to the specific parameters of our bodies that we can optimize our movement strategies, if needed or wanted.

A comparative analysis through concrete examples can be an opportunity for sharpening our awareness, developing deeper comprehension about contextualized problem solving, as well as acquiring skills and competence for differentiated feedback in class for those who teach or want to teach.

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