Human Movement Alphabet

From simple, to complex, to easy.

ONLINE Series III (2020)

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These Online classes are mainly held in English.

A notation system for dance and other movement disciplines. An impressive tool for gaining perspective and receiving creative input when analysing, composing, improvising, documenting, learning and teaching practice and theory.

We will dedicate this series to default symbols describing complex movement processes, such as spinal mechanics, undulations, recurrent movement patterns, repetition and some variations. We will combine these and other symbols introduced in previous sessions and practice writing, reading, translating and interpreting an HMA timeline.

During the second part of this series we will explore the creative potential of this writing system; scores, improvisation and composition.

The online classes intend to complement physical training. Physical application of the material will be present, but not our priority. I will facilitate the comprehension of the symbols of the Human Movement Alphabet, as well as some theory about anatomy, bio-mechanics and physics, to which the symbols refer.

For me the HMA represents the quintessence of the Axis Syllabus archive. I am grateful for Frey Faust’s continuous effort to provide powerful tools that further autonomous learning. As an active member of the ASRIN I have been studying, applying and contributing to the further development of the HMA, since 2018.

My wish is to offer contexts in which you can experience personal progress in terms of skills, competence and creativity by using the Human Movement Alphabet in a variety of ways. I hope you feel inspired by this ongoing research.