Enhancing skills and performance
through movement analysis and creative application.

Tools for teachers, movers and starters

I put emphasis on movement analysis applied to dance, partnering and Contact Improvisation. I investigate how the HMA (The Human Movement Alphabet) can be effectively and creatively used in learning and teaching. Since 2018 I have been contributing to the further development of the HMA in collaboration with Frey Faust, its originator.

I am interested in ranges of stress and intense physical endurance in learning processes, and how this can train resilience. I’m fascinated by different bodies and different strategies. Since my earlier experiences in Latin American Dance Sport and the Fashion culture I have developed an interest for traditional, contemporary and future codes and role models of male and female.

Movement analyst, teacher, performer, visual artist, active member of the ASRM (Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork) and polyglot.

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