Tracing spirals

Movement analysis and
creative application in dance

A Workshop proposition.

Let’s construct a three dimensional mind map in order to clarify vectors and enhance our spacial awareness. I share strategies for experiencing how the Human Movement Alphabet can be used as a learning tool to inform our ability to trace, explain and execute curved trajectories in space. It will allow us to radically narrow the focus of our movement analysis. Thus, if used strategically as a complement to learning through imitation, it can enhance our understanding of implicit, as well as optional events that need to happen in order to accomplish more complex and daring movement transitions.

An efficient body map can describe movement possibilities with considerable precision. The movement possibilities within our articulations are quite limited. And yet, the infinite directional combinations that the interaction between the single parts allow for require strategies for efficient management of the considerable amount of forces traveling through and acting upon our bodies instant by instant.

What I discover over again with profound enthusiasm is the ongoing dialogue between opposing and complementing forces, those that I receive, those that I generate within my body and those that I return to my environment.

In dance the coherence between the forces that I receive relatively to those that I return furthers an intimate feeling of complicity. When moving with others the incoherence between the request and the response, can transform conflict into a game, but only if incoherence is a conscious choice. And in order to be able to chose I must know how to orient.

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